3 Tricks to Get Your Cats and Dogs to Get Along

Cats and dogs. Could there be anything else that embody the idea of two things that are so opposite? Dogs are very energetic, friendly, and loving. Cats, while they are also loving in their own special and limited way, are cool and calm about things.

Moreover, the idea about these two animals is that because they are opposites of one another, they hate each other! We’ve all seen those moments where a dog chases a cat, or a cat hisses at the dog. It is just how they are.

However, did you know that it is possible for these two animals to get along? With training, especially with positive reinforcement bolstering it, it is possible for dogs to become friendly with cats.

Let’s look at three tips to help you train your cats and dogs to get along better.

petdog - 3 Tricks to Get Your Cats and Dogs to Get Along

Train Your Dog

People think that training a dog is just about teaching them tricks. Sit. Stay. Shake hands. This is what people think training is.

The truth is that if you successfully train your dog, it will have benefits across its whole life. One of them is that it disciplines dogs and calms them down. With good training, a dog can learn to stay put and not be skittish when things are happening.

If a pot falls and a loud clang is made, trained dogs stay put. If a piece of a sandwich falls on the ground, they can stay put.

This is particularly important in making dogs and cats get along. A dog that zips around the house when any little thing happens won’t be appealing to a cat. Cats respond to calm too and when things are abuzz, they tend to just head away from the fuss.

Exercise Your Dogs

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Dogs are just big tanks of energy. This energy is the reason why jump around everywhere.

This is why you have to expend the energy of your dog every day. This can be done by walking them, playing fetch, bringing them on your run, and so many more activities. Remember though that they have a lot of energy. It is ideal that you deplete in one big activity rather than several short ones.

Without it, the dogs might expend their stimulation and energy on chasing the cats.

Introduce Them Through Their Noses

It is a good practice to allow both cats and dogs to get one another’s scent before they meet. You can do this by letting them smell the toys, sleeping areas, and zones where each usually stay.

This allows their curiosities to be sated and they have clear expectations as to what to expect.

The Staying Pawsitive team is positive that peace is possible between cats and dogs. Eventually, it may even turn into a kinship. All you need to do is follow these tips to have cats and dogs get along.


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