Blogs to Learn More About Positive Dog Training

dogtraining - Blogs to Learn More About Positive Dog Training

The overall notion is positivity when training your dogs. However, each trainer still has different ways of training their dogs under the notion of positive reinforcement.

Sure, there are tips and tricks that are common to every trainer. However, nowadays dogs are like a part of the family. Like with every family member, we want to exhaust every resource to ensure they are brought up and loved right.

That is why it is best to learn about different positive dog training techniques from a variety of people. One way to go about this is by reading the plethora of blogs that can be found online. Since there are so many blogs out there, the Staying Pawsitive team is here to guide you.

Here are several blogs you should check out.


Rover is actually a blog that caters to dog and pet sitters. The best dog walkers and pet sitters come on there to share and learn about the best things people can do when taking care of dogs. Apart from that, the site also acts as a sort of placement company that connects dogs with families that will love them.

If you also require assistance to care for the dog, Rover provides that as well. They are quite committed in ensuring that the dogs get the best families and provide the best care.

The blog is of interest here. It houses good articles, especially those relevant with training dogs. Rover is a great resource for pet owners. Their services extend far beyond just sharing knowledge through their blog. You should definitely check out their site and blog.

Common Ground Training

The next one on our list is Common Ground Training. The website is run by Linda Likens who is a certified dog trainer. Likens has been in the business for as much as years and more.

She writes articles on a variety of topics that truly let her wisdom and experience about dogs and dog training shine through. She also offers classes and consultations for those who are interested.

Happy Buddies

The final blog in our list is a website called Happy Buddies. The owner of the site, Amanda, understands that people cannot center their lives around their pets. One look at the site and one can already notice the passion she has for dogs.

She has a deep understanding of dogs and adheres to positive reinforcement and garnering their trust.