3 Best Treats for Dog Training, Plus Find Out the Benefit of Buying Bulk Bully Sticks

In our past article, we outlined a couple of benefits in using positive reinforcement when training your dogs. Part of the process of positive reinforcement is the rewards system. The way it is set up is that trainers communicate a behavior. If the dogs do a desirable action, we reward them. In this way, the dog associates a behavior with good things happening to them. They will most likely do those behaviors again.

Until now, we spoke generally about the rewards and treats that the dogs should have. But, what are the best treats to use for dogs? What are the good brands or types of food out there? Let’s take a look at two of the best treats to use for dog training. The items we will present have healthy and quality ingredients that also add benefits to your dog. Let’s start.

dogtreat - 3 Best Treats for Dog Training, Plus Find Out the Benefit of Buying Bulk Bully Sticks

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

As the name suggests, these treats are very nice, soft, and chewy. These are ideal for when you train puppies. The teeth of puppies are not strong enough for really hard foods yet.

The ingredients are great too. These bites are made with lamb and salmon. These ingredients add some DHA in each bite, which contributes greatly to working and developing their brains.

Finally, it is a good choice because it is grain free. A big percentage of dogs are allergic to grains.

pug - 3 Best Treats for Dog Training, Plus Find Out the Benefit of Buying Bulk Bully Sticks

Wilderness Blue Buffalo

The Wilderness Blue Buffalo dog treat is an ideal treat for dog training. Its base is chicken. For dogs, chicken is a good source of protein that they will need. Like the Wellness Soft Puppy Bites, it also has good amounts of DHA for their brains.

In addition though, it has fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6 in the ingredients. All of these ingredients will help give your dog what they need for optimal health. Not only that, the fatty acids will help your dog have a nice and shiny coat and healthy skin.

Use these treats if your dog likes to have some crunch in what they eat.

Bully Sticks From Pawstruck

Good news for pet parents who are looking for nutritious, all-natural chew treats for their dogs! Bully sticks from Pawstruck are sought after by many trainers and dog owners for a number of reasons. These yummy treats are thick and long-lasting, perfect for both adult dogs and puppies. Sourced from the finest ingredients, you’re sure to have the safest, most delicious chew treats in the market as they’re low odor. If you’re concerned about the cost, make sure to buy bulk bully sticks to save money.

These are the best dog treat brands ideal for dog training. In the end, Staying Pawsitive believes that it is all up to your dog. Find something that they really like and the works well for their health and for training positively of course.

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