Learn About Positive Dog Training Through These Books

books - Learn About Positive Dog Training Through These Books

The written word isn’t going anywhere any time soon. With the advent of reading devices such as the Kindle, people thought that it was only a matter of time until books were phased out. Thankfully though, people were wrong.

For the people at Staying Pawsitive, nothing will ever replace the heft, weight, and feel of a book. The moment when you turn the page to learn more about the story or gain more information is a great feeling.

Books are here to stay. They are always a good way of gaining more information from experts in their fields.

Let’s take a look at several books that will help you learn more about training dogs through positive reinforcement.

The Power of Positive Dog Training

The first book in our list is called The Power of Positive Dog Training. The book was written by Pat Miller and was released in 2001. Don’t let the date fool you though. Even though its was released close to 20 years ago, it still one of the best books about positive reinforcement used in dog training.

The book essentially just explains how positive reinforcement works for dogs. However, it goes deeper than that. It is clear from the text that Miller has taken a long time thinking about this topic. He also has discussion about the philosophy of training dogs this way.

The best part is that the philosophical parts are written in an easy and simple way. Reading several passages will really make you appreciate and love your dog more, spurring you to train them in a better way.

Apart from that, the book also includes how-to guides for the training part complete with in-depth instructions and illustrations laid out in simple steps.

How Many Dogs?

This next book is called “How Many Dogs?”. It is much like the previous book in that covers positive reinforcement in dog training.

This book though gives glimpses and tips for people who have several dogs at their home. It also includes exercises and training tips that dog owners can easily follow and use.