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Caesar Milan, the dog whisperer. If you’ve ever seen his show, he is a true wizard when it comes to training dogs. It really looks as if Milan is talking to dogs and they understand him. The most problematic dogs are simple tasks for him. As simple as waking up in the morning.

If you see what he does though, he does employ a lot of techniques that if emulated will work for every dog owner. He just understands dog training very well.

One such technique that he uses is treats. He conditions dogs to behave in a certain way by patiently asking them to do an action. After the dogs do it, he praises them and gives them treats.

This is to drill the positive reinforcement in a dog’s brain that if they act a certain way – a nice way – good things will happen to them.

Back in the day though, positive reinforcement was seen as taboo when training your dogs. People saw it as spoiling the dog and cheating in a way because you were bribing them. The old dog trainers used other means to train their dogs. At the time, they believed that dogs should respect their owners.

Thankfully though, history has given way to a more humane way to train dogs. The Staying Pawsitive team is all about using positive reinforcement to train dogs. Through our website, we write articles on various aspect regarding dog training that utilizes positive reinforcement.

We write articles explaining why positive reinforcement is important and necessary, the best food to have the dog eat when training them, and even tips how to make cats and dogs get along.

We hope that you stay with us all throughout our journey here, and that apart from using it when training your dogs, that you stay pawsitive as well.